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Fannin County Fair 2021

Let’s Get Cookin’!

Contest:  Teams of 4 work together to create a tasty dish using mystery ingredients and limited cooking supplies. 


Date: October 6, 2021


Participation: Fannin County youth in teams of four, in the following age groups:

Juniors: (3-5th graders)

Intermediates: (6th-8th graders)

Seniors: (9th-12th graders)


Registration & Entry Fee:  $40 per team


Creativity:  Each team will have the option of choosing a team name/theme and wearing coordinated clothing, aprons, accessories, etc. to represent their team.


How it Works: Each team will create a dish/recipe using provided ingredients, pre-approved staple ingredients & cooking tools/supplies brought by participants.  Teams will present completed dish at appointed time to a panel of judges and will be expected during their presentation, to communicate knowledge of food groups (MY PLATE) and nutrients; cooking & food safety; basic cooking techniques.


Resource materials will be provided to all registered teams for study and preparation.



  • Each team will have 40 minutes to prepare a dish using only the ingredients provided or available in the pantry and their own supplies.

  • Team works together on an oral presentation of completed dish for judging.  Teams will have 5 minutes to introduce themselves and discuss their dish.  Judges will be looking for knowledge of food groups (MYPLATE) and nutrients; knowledge of preparation/cooking techniques; and knowledge of food and kitchen safety.

  • Teams will be observed throughout the cooking portion of the contest on their preparation skills, food and kitchen safety skills, and teamwork.

  • Once time is called at 40 minutes, teams will move straight to judging.



  • Prizes will be awards for the top 3 teams in each age division.

  • Additional “spirit” prizes will be awarded!



Bethany Arie

(903) 583-7453