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Livestock Shows

General Rules/Regulations

Colorful Leaves



Junior Livestock Show
Chicken Farm

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    1.   Competition is open to only residents of Fannin County.  

    2.   All articles for competition must be the work of the entrant or entrants.

    3.   An entrant may enter only one item per class.  Unless otherwise indicated, an entrant may enter as many classes as desired.

    4.  Superintendents reserve the right to determine if an entry is in the correct category.

    5.   All entries must be delivered to the Fannin County Multi Purpose Complex. Dates and Times tbd.

    6.  Baked goods are a special exhibit for one day only, Saturday, entrants should follow department rules. 

    7.   Identification cards will be assigned and receipts given for each entry.  Receipts must be presented to pick up items and Ribbons.

    8.   All accepted entries will be on display for the duration of the fair.   

    9.   No Items will be released early from the Arts and Craft Area.  Entries and ribbons MUST be picked with receipt Sunday after the conclusion of the fair.  All items will be checked off from original sheets using receipts.  No ribbons will be given or items returned without a receipt.  Anything not picked up on Sunday will become the property of the Fair Board and will be disposed of in a manner determined by the Fannin County Fair Board.

    10.   Age Criteria are as follows:  Children - * 8 years of age and under; Junior -* 3rd grade thru 8th grade; Youth -* 9th grade thru 12th grade;  Adult -* 19 thru 64 years of age; Honorary -* 65 years and over. 

   11.  Awards will be given in each Class per Division for:

          1st Place (blue ribbon), 2nd Place (red ribbon), 3rd Place (white ribbon), all others will receive a participation ribbon.

  12.   Best of Show Rosettes will be awarded to the highest point entry among blue ribbon winners in each Division. 

 13.   Judges decision is final.

General Rules & Regulations

Colorful Leaves

Arts & Crafts

Rules & Regulations


Megan Filner–Director



1.   Please refer to the Fannin County Fair General Rules and Information and the Food and   Fiber Division Rules and Regulations.

    2.   A 3x5  index card, must be attached to the entry. Entrants name, age,  address, telephone number & (if in School, then list the School).  NO ENTRY will be excepted without the index card attached to the back of the entry.

    3.   Crafts must be able to be displayed.  Pictures will be displayed on a Board using Thumb Tacks.      Frames are not required.

    4.   Exhibitors may only enter one item per class, per division.

   5.   Any item entered in the Arts & Crafts Division in the past will not be judged.  No Miscellaneous

          items. If  not in a class, then will not be accepted.

    6. Judging will follow these standards:

A.  Originality – the entry was not copied from something else or is not a kit.  It is an item you created yourself.

B.  Craftsmanship – the entry was created with skill or dexterity, of consistently high quality with quality materials.

C.  Design – the entry was created, executed and constructed using basic design principles such as: line, form, color, texture, proportion, and balance.


                        Children         8 years of age and under

                        Junior             3rd grade thru 8th grade

                        Senior             9th grade thru 12th grade

                        Adult               19 thru 64 years of age

                        Honorary        65 years of age and over      

   8.  Awards will be given in each Clas per Division as follows:

           a. 1st Place (blue ribbon), 2nd place (red ribbon), 3rd place (white ribbon), all others will receive a participation ribbon.

           b. Best of Show Rosettes will be awarded according to the highest point entry among Blue Ribbon winners in each division.


        Division A:    ART


Class 2.   Acrylic (with brush)

Class 3.Water Color

Class 4.   Pastel

           Class 5.   Ink


Class 7.   Chalk

               Class 8.   Pencil

          Class 9.   Crayon

          Class 10. String Art

          Class 11. Spray Paint

    Division B:     CERAMICS & CHINA

Class 12.Porcelain Hand-painted China

Class 13.Ceramics – Glazed

Class 14.Ceramics – Dry-brushed and Stains

Class 15.Originals in Clay

Class 16.Plaster

    Division C:     HOBBIES

  • Weaving and Woven fabrics

Class 18.Models

Class 19.Decoupage

Class 20.Woodwork made by hand

Class 21.  Painted Woodwork

Class 22. Macramé 

Class 23. Leather Craft

Class 24. Jewelry

Class 25. Stained Glass

Class 26. Painted Plastic Art

Class 27.Legos

Class 28. Wreaths

Class 29.  Metal work

        Division D:   NEEDLEWORK (Specify if Kit or Original)

Class 30.Crochet

Class 31. Knitting

Class 32.Crewel Embroidery

Class 33. Needlepoint

Cross Stitch


Afghan –Crotched

Class 36. Afghans – Knitted

Quilts – Quilted by hand

Class 38. Quilts – Quilted by Machine

Bedspreads  (Applique, Crochet, Quilted, Machine)

Class 40. Rugs

Class 41. Pillows

Class 42. Table Runners

Class 43.  Wall Hangings

Mason jars

Canning & Preserving



Director: Stephanie Sweet 903-227-2575


   1.  Please refer to the Fannin County Fair General Rules and Information and the Food and Fiber Division Rules and Regulations.

    2.  Entries must be in standard pint jars, quart jars or in standard jelly glasses.  Jars must be clean with

    lids free of rust and spots.  Screw bands or commercial lids must be clean with lids free of rust

    spots.  Condition of entries is subject to approval of superintendent.

    3.  All entries must be delivered to the Fannin County Multi Purpose Complex. Dates & times tbd.

    4.  All entries must be accompanied by a 5x7 inch index card with the name of the product and

    the recipe printed or typed on the front.  The entrant’s name, address, age and telephone number

    printed on the back of the card.

    5.  An entry in division B, will require 2 jars, 1 for display and one for taste.

    6.  Entries will be judged according to the following regulations:

            A.  Container

                        1.  Standard, quart or pint sized canning jar must be used.

                        2.  Standard, gold, fruit jar lids free from rust or corrosion.

            B.  Pack

                        1.  Practical, not fancy

                        2.  Uniform in size whether whole or in pieces.

                        3.  Space in jar filled but not crowded, large proportion of vegetable to liquid.

            C.  Liquid

                        1. Characteristic of freshly cooked product not faded or darkened. 

                        2.  Liquid characteristic of product

            D.  Texture

                        1.  Shape held, evenly graded

                        2.  Uniform in Maturity

            E. Taste

    7.  Food must have been canned since last year’s County Fair.

    8.  Ribbons and canned goods must be picked up with a receipt at a date & time determined by the director.  No Ribbons will be given without receipts!





            Junior              3rd Grade thru 8th Grade

            Youth               9th Grade thru 12th Grade

            Adult                19 thru 64 years of age

            Honorary         65 years of age and older


Division A

            1.   Canned Fruits

            2.   Canned Vegetables

            3.   Canned Miscellaneous

Division B

            4.   Pickles

            5.   Relishes

            6.   Jelly

            7.   Preserves

            8.   Marmalade

            9.   Butters

            10. Miscellaneous ( Pickled Foods, Okra, Beets)

            11. Sauces

Division C

            Exhibited in Standard Glass Jars

            12. Dried Fruit

            13. Dried Vegetables

            14.  Dried Meats


Baked Goods



Director: Stephanie Sweet 903-227-2575


1.  All products must be brought to the Fannin County Multi Purpose at a date & time tbd.  Absolutely no entry will be accepted after that time.

2. All entries must be accompanied by the Recipe printed on a 5x7 inch index card.  Name, Address,  Telephone Number an Age must be printed clearly on the BACK of the recipe card.

3.  An entry will consist of 13 rolls, cookies, biscuits, or 1 cake, 1 loaf, 1 whole pie plus 1 slice of the cake, loaf or pie for judging.    

4. All entries must be from scratch.  Commercial mixes are not acceptable.    

5.  All entries must be on Card Board,  Sign Board, or Heavy Duty Paper Plates:  No responsibility can be  take for contestant's plates. 


6. Entries will be judged on:           

            A.  General Appearance           

            B.  Symmetry of Shape           

            C.  Uniform browning           

            D.  Tender Crust           

            E.  Moist Texture           

            F.  Pleasing Flavor

7. Judging will be from 1:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. on Saturday of the fair.

8. Baked goods will be sold in the Eldon Harrison Building, Saturday evening, with the EXCEPTION being that the two Best of Show Youth entries will be sold during the Junior Livestock Sale. Junior (3rd - 8th grade) and Senior (9th - 12th grade).

9. Ribbons picked up SATURDAY of the fair.  Receipts must be presented.           


                Children           8 years of age and under                        

                Junior              3rd grade thru 8th grade             

                Senior             9th grade thru 12th grade                       

                Adult                19 thru 64 years of age                       

                Honorary         65 years of age and over  

    Division A      Cakes                       

             Category:       Layer Cake                       

                1.   Chocolate or Devil's Food                       

                2.   Fruit (Banana, Date, etc)                       

                3.   White (any icing)                        

                4.   Yellow (any icing)                       

                5.   Any other kind                       

            Category:       Loaf or Pound                       

                6.   Angel Food                       

                7.   Chiffon or Sponge                       

                8.   Holiday Fruitcake                       

                9.   Pound                       

                10. Any other kind 

    Division B      Breads                       

            Category        Yeast                       

                11. Yeast Loaf Bread                       

                12. Yeast Dinner Rolls                       

                13. Yeast Sweet Breads - Rolls                       

                14.  Yeast Sweet Breads, - Loaf, Coffee                       

            Category        Non - Yeast                       

                15. Cakes - Whole loaf or cake                       

                16. Biscuits                       

                17. Cornbread - 1 pan or 13 pieces                       

                18. No - yeast bread or muffins

    Division C      Pies                       

                19. Fruit or Berry                       

                20. Chess                       

                21. Nut of Vegetable                       

                22. Any other kind

    Division D      Candy                       

                23. Fudge                       

                24. Divinity                       

                25. Pralines                       

                26. Nut Brittle or Toffee                       

                27. Any other kind

    Division E      Cookies                       

                28. Drop cookies                       

                29. Ice Box cookies                       

                30. Bars                       

                31. Brownies                       

                32. Holiday or Party

    Division F       Decorated Cakes                       

                33. All decorated cakes

    Division G      Decorated Cookies                       

                34. All decorate cookies

    Division H      Pastries                       

                35. All pastries           



PHotography Graphic.png

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Fannin County Fair

Photography Show

Sponsored by AgriLife Extension & Fannin County 4-H


Photos DUE: TBD

~No late entries will be accepted~


 Photos must be turned in at the Fannin Co Extension Office 2505 N. Center Street, Bonham, TX, 75418 


Age Categories:          Children: 2nd grade and younger

Juniors: Grades 3-5

Intermediates: Grades 6-8

Seniors: Grades 9-12

Adults: 19 and over


  • Participants may enter one photo per category. 

  • Photos should be an 8X10 photographic print (no frame, matte or mounting).

  • Label back of photo with:       NAME




SCHOOL DISTRICT (if applicable)

 Photos submitted without required information will be disqualified!

  • A non-glare sheet protector will be provided.

  • Every photo entered should be original photographic work of the participant submitting the photo. 

  • Any photos deemed inappropriate for public display will be disqualified.

  • Pick Up: Photos and ribbons may be picked up Saturday evening beginning at 8:30pm. All photos and ribbons not picked up on Saturday, may be picked up from the Extension Office the following week.

Judging: Photos will be judged prior to the County Fair at the County Extension Office by experienced, volunteer judges.                                                                                                                                                                

Placing: Exhibitors will receive a Blue, Red, or White ribbon based on judging score.                      Best of Show and Honorable Mentions (if applicable) will be awarded per age group division.

Questions: Bethany or Karen at (903) 583-7453 or

2022 Fannin County Fair

Photography Show


Photo Categories



Animals Domestic: Photos focusing on the various animals that have been tamed and made fit for the human environment.  Examples: dogs, cats, chickens, cows, horses, etc.

Animals Wildlife: Photos focusing on animals not tamed or domesticated and typically found in the wilderness or bodies of water.  Includes animals in nature, zoo, and petting zoos. Examples: Birds, deer, elephants, marine life

People: Photos from people of all walks of life. 

Landscape and Nature: Photos of landscapes, outdoor scenic, nature images, sunsets, urban landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, roads, farms.  Examples: Gardens, outdoors, scenic, etc.

Plant and Flora:  Photos of flowers, tree, plant, bush (outdoor or indoor). Examples: a rose, a tree, etc.

Black and White: Photos of any subject matter in Black and White.

THEME: COUNTY FAIR- Photos inspired by county/country fairs




Fannin County 4-H and the Fannin County Fair not responsible for damages that could occur to prints on display!