Contact Us: 

 Listed below are Phone Numbers for General Fair Questions for Individual events.


Make plans now to be a part of the 2022 Fannin County Fair!

Executive Board:

President: Josh Morris 903-640-3043

Vice President: Rick Maxwell 903-227-4571

Vice President: Cole Lackey 

Secretary: Amy Lindsey

Treasurer: Jennifer Morris

Assistant Treasurer: Joyce Maxwell


    Inside or Outside Booth Information Contact:

         (BOOTHS/VENDORS) 903-640-3043


    Livestock Superintendent: 

                  Please contact your School Superintendents or Agricultural  Teacher       


   Arena Events:

Jessica Hall 903-227-7129


    Arts, Crafts:
Megan Filner - 903-818-0151

   Baked Goods/Canning & Preserving:
Stephanie Sweet 903-227-2575


    Photography & Cooking Contest:

         Bethany Arie 903-583-7453

    Pageant Committee:

         Joyce Maxwell, 903-623-2020 


             Julie Grant, 

Dog in Farm